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  • Samantha Ming

    Samantha Ming

    Frontend Developer sharing weekly JS, HTML, CSS code tidbits🔥 Discover them all on 💛

  • Netanel Basal

    Netanel Basal

    I'm a Frontend Tech Lead at Lumigo, blogger, open source maintainer, creator of Akita and Spectator, Husband, and Father.

  • Alexander Inkin

    Alexander Inkin

    Passionate Angular dev, musician and OSS author 🌲 ··· 🎹

  • Charles Scalfani

    Charles Scalfani

    Software Engineer and Architect, Teacher, Writer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Artist…

  • 🦊 Reactive Fox 🚀

    🦊 Reactive Fox 🚀

    ⚡️ Making Fast faster 👩‍💻 Lead Software Engineer using @angular & @dotnet 🌱 Google Developer Expert for Angular ✍ Tech Writer for @AngularInDepth 🦊 he/him

  • Eric Elliott

    Eric Elliott

    Make some magic. #JavaScript

  • Isaac Mann

    Isaac Mann

    Senior Angular Engineer at Nrwl ( — Egghead Instructor (

  • Todd Palmer

    Todd Palmer

    Computer Scientist, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, and Senior Software Engineer

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